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Episode 7 TBMS Betting Your Career

The Bill Matassoni Show, Season 1, Episode 15 – 8m 9s

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  • 7 TBMS MI 7

    In this program we help you unpack, distill, apply and prioritize the most important lessons that Bill shares in each of his episodes.

    How to use the program
    Reviewing the key concepts
    Lingerie, Walkman, Coconut water & McKinsey examples
    What is a dimension
    Finding a dimension

  • Episode 8 TBMS Acting on the Dimensions

    In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell."
    Jack Welch, Former GE CEO

  • 8 TBMS 8 MI

    Key definitions
    2 reasons companies/people fail to act on dimensions
    Perfume example
    Earphone example
    Coffee example
    Polaroid example
    Evaluating a dimension
    First reason acting on dimensions fails
    Netflix vs. Blockbuster example
    Second reason acting on dimensions fails
    Candle CEO exampl...