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23 RP 15.9 Second disciplinary hearing

Rebuilding a Consulting Practice, Season 1, Episode 23 – 18m

Up Next in Part 1

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  • 25 RP 15.11 Third disciplinary meeting

    5 lessons learned
    When a lunch meeting is worse
    How to strategically respond to a complaint
    When not to respond: sometimes the best strategy

  • 26 RP 16 R1 Mapping a Partner's Career

    Why the big change
    Understanding the career map
    Insights the map will present
    Why did I take on so much?
    Who mentored and helped me?
    How did I know what to do?
    How did I gain the confidence to do this?
    How did I learn the analytic skills?
    Should you build your own career map?
    If so, how?